Bully For You a short story

He walked around the room, “I am not dead, he said. She didn’t flinch. “I refuse to be dead, you hear?” She didn’t.

“After a life of misery I can’t believe that I had the misfortune to go first. No, I still can’t believe it.” He walked around the room, circling her grinning face. The face that had taunted him to the very end. The mouth that had spat venom from its dried-up lips. Lips that had told him that she’d see him in Hell. He leaned towards her, “You already put me there the day we married and from that day on you bullied me and pushed me to the point where I had slowly fed you the poison!” He stopped, “How did I know that you’d just made me a special meal. I should have realised…it was the only meal you ever prepared for me!” He stepped away from her and screamed, “No, I refuse to believe that I too am dead. For once I’m going to put my foot down!” He said and he did…but as well as his foot, the rest of him followed, down…down and further down.

“Oh Hell!” He said, “Here she comes.”

The End