Mallia Franklin

Japan messed up though and “Funk Intersceptre” was released as “Funken Tersepter”. As Mallia said, “What the f***k’s a tersepter and how do you know if you’re funking it!!”
During this period I worked via the phone with Mallia to perfect the artwork and concept and offered up the title of “She Funk” to her, which was later adopted by the female side of the ‘P’.
Mallia suffered a stroke in Detroit before going on stage in mid-2009 which left her partially paralysed. Sadly she passed away on February 5, 2010 at UCLA`s hospital.
Going back to the album we worked on together, I re-played tracks which, at the time, were overlooked by critics. I was amazed how they had stood the test of time and I hope others will go back and remember both with fondness and respect the amazing life and talent of Mallia Franklin.