Art And Soul

In the new book published by New Haven, I try to celebrate the famous and the not so famous but who collectively offered a unique element to Soul music. Soul music was born around the same time as the American Civil Rights movement and in many ways travelled the same routes around America. This new music was created by unique musicians, innovative producers and writers as well as unequalled singers. Along the way Soul also found inspiration in local culture and traditions giving every City its own identity. In 1966 Ben E. King released “What Is Soul?” on ATCO and defined as a burning feeling inside, made from love and loss but then in 1970 Funkadelic redefined it, telling us that Soul was a ham hock in your cornflakes or the ring around your bathtub which showed just how deep Soul could be and how it wasn’t that easy to define. For me the title says it all and defines a huge part of my life. I have been fortunate to write about the music that has inspired these paintings and worked alongside many Funk artists, creating their concepts as well as designing their cover art. Every picture tells a story and I feel that I have used an infinite spectrum of colours that paints the United States Of America in a way never seen before. My words show how African-Americans contributed to the recording industry, pushing creators rights, developing record labels, supporting communities and local economy but also how, when black and white Americans worked in harmony, they would create timeless music that I hope will make you want to add sound to the vision I share with you.